Retractable Dual Dog Leashes – Limited Supply


Retractable Dual Dog Leashes – Limited Supply



If you want to walk with two dogs, it is a never-ending task to prevent the dogs from becoming entangled. This can not happen with the dual dog leash! 


– Easily guide both dogs with one hand, without the two lines getting tangled up. 

– Not only for you, but also for your two companions. 

– The swivel joint prevents the lines from crossing each other as it constantly moves and re-aligns itself. 

– With the two stoppers you can control both lines independently of each other – and effortlessly. – Since the two buttons correspond in color to the respective leash, you always know exactly which button you need to press.

– Ergonomically shaped and thus fits well in your hand. 

– Very light and user-friendly


– Material: Plastic

– Package included: 1PC Dog leash

– Supports up to 20kg per dog

– Extends out 3m

– Stop each dog individually

– Dual Pet Leash Prevents Tangles

– Color coded brakes and leashes so you know which dog to stop.  


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