Desktop Punch Bag


Desktop Punch Bag




Release frustration instantly.

Lash out work without getting fired.

Introducing the Desktop Punch Bag

Our video has had over 100 million views world wide, selling thousands of our original desktop punch bags, the true office stress buster.

Don’t take out your stress on your boss or colleagues, take it out on the Desktop Punching Bag. It simply sticks to your desk or a table with its suction pad, and away you go.

Are you having a bad day? Relieve stress, frustration, and anger with the desktop punching ball. This ball is a perfect stress reliever for those hectic days either at home or at office, or even when you want to have some fun with your workmates at office or friends at home! This durable stress buster is made to withstand any amount of executive venting. What are you waiting for? Simply let go of your frustrations by using our punching ball.


A perfect and fun way to relieve stresses.
Helps elevate your mood – counteracting feelings of stress, depression and frustration.
The ball is made up of high quality polypropylene material and can with stand lots of stress relieving punching.
Heavy duty spring bounces back for more and more punching.
The suction cup keeps the ball securely in place on smooth, flat and dry surface.
Increases work productivity by boosting mental alertness and concentration.


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